The Great Eastern- 24th of October, 2012


Today in the studio we put the final touches to our exhibition. After having come across the problem of not having a projector we had to adapt our installation. We decided to keep the concept simple so as to keep the message and the thoughts we wanted to provoke the main focus. We painted the coloured pipes behind the banner white to keep the room looking clean and simple. We then decided to have the banner hanging across the back wall of the space, lit by two lamps underneath, to draw focus to it and to add a positive atmosphere to the space, and the photograph frame hanging on wire on the side wall of the space. We wanted to keep the photograph and banner equal in importance, so we hung them side by side in the space.

Our finished installation:

At the end of this project, I feel happy with what I contributed to the group. I researched a lot into the site and put forward many ideas some of which we used in our final piece. I created the animation, which we ended up not using, and along with helping generate ideas, create the banner and install it, I also took the final photograph of the banner outside the site and edited it. I felt our group worked very well together. Some members did not show up to group studio sessions but those of us who did, worked together to create our final piece and all contributed to it. We all brought different ways of thinking to the project also as we were from different disciplines and I felt I learned other ways of looking at things and creating pieces of work because of this. I felt we managed our time well but if we had to do the course again, I would make sure we got the projector as soon as we decided we were going to use it in the first week, so we did not come across the problem of not getting one and not leaving ourselves enough time to resolve any technical issue that could arise with it.


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