The Great Eastern- 23rd of October, 2012


After hanging the banner outside the site yesterday, we began to make progress for finishing the installation in the studio exhibition space. As I have had some experience editing photographs and I have all the software on my computer, I edited the photograph of the banner outside The Great Eastern we had chosen to be the one we would exhibit, to look old and as if it had been taken many, many years ago. I feel that I was able to contribute to the group well in a digital and photography type of way, with the making of the animation for the projection and editing the photograph due to my Course that I study. However, we came across a problem for projecting the animation. The member of our group who was getting the projector did not collect it and it meant that there was no projectors left for us to use. This posed a problem very late on in our process. We were also aware that we may encounter some problems that would be to hard and too much of a rush to fix if we managed to get one on the day of the exhibition, so we made a group, informed decision to remove the animation projection idea in case anything went wrong too last minute to fix and we had arranged our installation around it.

We hung the banner using wire in our exhibition space.


Me attaching the wire holding up the banner to the metal poles in between the ceiling panels.


And then added the graffiti to it.


Me spraying painting the graffiti onto the banner.




The graffiti aimed to bring our banner into present day. We decided to keep this simple, and did not completely cover it in graffiti as we felt adding any more text in the form of graffiti would take away from the main message on the banner.

After we realised we could no longer have the projector for our piece, we had a group discussion with Rachel and she advised us that if we could not have the projector we should keep it simple and have our piece show the statement we want to make simply. We then purchased a plain black frame to put the old looking photograph in to hang in our space. As we were caught off guard with the lack of projector, we were unsure as to how to lay out the installation to still portray the idea of the past; with the old style photograph, and present; with the graffiti and technology the projector would have provided. I sketched some ideas of what our final installation could be:

We decided to come back tomorrow to put the final touches on the installation before the submission at the end of the day.


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