The Great Eastern- 22nd of October, 2012


We returned today to the studio and put the final touches to the banner. The letters were ironed on and the loops, needed to attach the string for hanging it, were attached to the back. Whilst the group was doing this, I began making the question mark animation, that we will project onto the banner in the exhibition space, on Adobe Illustrator and Movie Maker. It was proving to be difficult at first as there were so many different layers created for each question mark in Illustrator and in order for the animation to work, I had to create each frame for it by moving each question mark a fraction and saving a copy and then going back into the file to edit it and move it again. I felt I contributed to this part of the project very well as I spent a lot of time making the animation for the group.

This is the finished question mark animation, I created, that we will project onto the banner, keeping it on loop so it will play over and over again:

Hosted on Vimeo:

And here are some stills from the animation:

After the banner was finished, we took it to the site and photographed it in front of The Great Eastern, making sure not to get any modern objects, such as traffic lights into the photo. The banner was successful in doing what we wanted it to do. As we left it up outside the building, many people passing by stared at it and stopped to look at it. People in cars when stopped at the traffic lights stared and talked about it to the other person in the car. It was thought provoking and that is what we wanted.




Three images I took whilst hanging the banner outside The Great Eastern


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