The Great Eastern-19th of October, 2012


Today we started making the banner for our installation. We had to measure out each letter so it fit within the banner size and cut enough material for the border. We decided to use Bondaweb to attach the letters to the cotton. We firstly drew out the letters, the cut them out of the felt and mounted them onto the Bondaweb.



We then ran out of Bondaweb and was finding it too difficult anyway, to attach the border to the plain cotton for the banner background using it, so we glued the border onto the cotton instead.


We then positioned the letters onto the banner where they would be ironed down, but we decided to leave the ironing on until Monday when the glue on the border would be dry. I felt that the members of the group and myself, who were present for the making of the banner, worked together very well. We each took on a task to help make the letters and we ended up with an efficient system which made the task easy to do. However, we hadn’t anticipated the banner taking as long to make as it did, so we discussed what we still had to do and planned out the rest of our time.



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