The Great Eastern- 18th of October, 2012


We came back to the studio today after having thought over night about messages to place on our banner. After some discussion we decided as a group that we would use the statement ‘Love Thy Neighbour.’ However, we wanted to show the difference between the essence of community at the time The Great Eastern advertisement was published and now. We thought of ways of doing this. One of our group members had the idea of hanging the banner outside the site and photographing it and making it look as if it were hung there at a time the community was thriving and then hanging the photo in our exhibition space along with the banner. We the needed a way of showing the difference between then and present day though. Whilst discussing things which would make the banner seem more current and also make a bold statement, we came up with the idea of spray painting onto the banner. We would underline the word love and add a question mark to the end of the statement, in red spray paint, turning the statement, which was relevant and fitting for the older times, into a question for the modern times, therefore, questioning if this has been lost and if people really do know who their neighbours are and if they feel part of a community.

We then drew inspiration from the artists we had looked at, and from the original Great Eastern advertisement itself and I began to sketch ideas for the banner.

We decided on an old style simple font, in 2 simple colours for the banner, made in a traditional looking way. We then went a bought some thick cotton material and navy felt to create the banner.

We also had many other ideas of elements we could add to the installation of the photograph and banner itself, including projections of text and sound. Today, we also had a quick tutorial with Jason, we explained to him these extra ideas and he told us to simplify it and stick to one theme as there were too many ideas and simple would be better. We then discussed what we could project instead of projecting text and overcomplicating the look, as we wanted people to question themselves. I suggested the idea of creating an animation of moving question marks that could be projected over the spray painted banner in the exhibition space.

After this tutorial we began to prep the material for making the banner tomorrow.


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