The Great Eastern- 15th of October, 2012


Today at 10am we had our first Group Tutorial with our tutor, Jake. All three Group 2 groups attended this tutorial together. We began to discuss what we had initially found out about the site since we visited it. I spoke about the research I had found so far and also learned from other students information which I had not found. I found the group tutorial to be very informative and thought provoking. We then discussed  the building on a more emotional level. I felt that the building itself portrayed the idea of ‘Lost’ as most of the actual structure was lost during renovation and only the Victorian façade remained, but I also felt there was a more emotional sense of loss, in terms of the men who once lived here losing a place to stay. We also discussed how the building, before it was a homeless shelter, was a hotel for working men to stay in. The tutor also mentioned how other artist’s had used the building to display and make art works in. I found this to be rather interesting and I noted this down to further research.

The group tutorial left me feeling like again, I wanted to find out more about the building and how other people who remembered it as a homeless shelter and also a hotel, felt about it.

After the tutorial with all 3 groups and our tutor, my group discussed alone how we all felt about the building and what aspects of it interested us. We decided to go away, each with a different area of information about the building and find out more about this area. I have to look deeper into the artists who had exhibited here and the works they created so tonight, I plan on finding as much information as possible about the artists and also any general additional information regarding the site which may provide us with ideas to respond to in some way.


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