The Great Eastern- 14th of October, 2012


After our site visit to The Great Eastern Hotel on Wednesday, I had been thinking about the lectures I had attended in the GFT, prior to our site visit, and the ideas the lecturers had brought about the theme of ‘Lost.’ I found the lecturers ideas of different types of loss to be extremely engaging and thought provoking. The loss of industry in Glasgow is something which featured heavily across the different lectures and this is something which has been lost but in a literal sense. The lectures also inspired me to think in a less literal way to loss and to more emotional and symbolic ideas of this.

I began to research into the history of The Great Eastern to find any elements of it’s past life which could relate to this theme of ‘Lost.’ From the lecture I had written down a website that was suggested we used. This website turned out to be very useful, it was:
This website provided a lot of information on the building’s past life before it became the homeless shelter. From this, I learned the building was originally built as a cotton spinning mill but was then converted into a hostel for working men in 1907. The building’s structure and design was also of great importance as it was designed by renowned Glasgow Architects Charles Wilson and J Alexander. The building’s structure was said to have been constructed in a pioneering way with it’s use of concrete and has the oldest known in-situ corrugated iron within its structure. The building was also said to be fireproof, which I found to be very interesting as, with more researching, I found out that when the building was being renovated into flats the roof collapsed due to fire damage.

I went back to the site today to have a further look around and take some photographs of the surrounding area to initiate thoughts about the community around the building.


Photograph I took of the residential areas across the road from The Great Eastern.


Photograph I took of the new high rise flats being built across the street from The Great Eastern to help regenerate the area.


A new car park has been built in the area and this is a photograph I captured, showing the new structure next to an older building which neighbours The Great Eastern.


The Great Eastern on Duke Street, showing the great length of road the building sits on and it’s grand Victorian facade.


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